Four 8-minute Quarters

Pool play will determine seeding for bracket play

Each team will play 5 games

2017-2018 NFHS rules apply

Southern Nevada Official Association Referees

No Shot Clock per Nevada High School Rules (NIAA)

Minimum eight (8) minute warm-up between games

Ten (10) minute half-time

Running clock at thirty (30) points 

Overtime rules per NIAA


Pool Seeding will be determined in the following manner


Pool Record or in the case of a tie


  • Head to Head Competition

  • Total Point Differential (+20/-20 most awarded)

  • Average Points Against

  • In the event of a three way tie. Point Differential will be used to determine a seed.  If a tie remains for a seed, Head to Head will then be used to determine a seed between top two teams in point differential.  If a three way tie remains in Point Differential, lowest Average Points Against will determine a seed.